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About Us

Tai Zhou ZHOUYI Mechanical & Electrical Co., LTD., was founded nearly three decades ago in 1990, and since then we have passionately focused on the R&D and production of various speed reducers and electric motors.

Our Main Products:

We have focused our manufacturing operations on several core product lines, like: a three phase AC induction motor, asynchronous motor, electromagnetic brake 3 phase motor, variable speed AC electric motor, permanent magnet AC servo motor, spiral bevel gearbox speed reducer, worm gear speed reducer, mechanical variable speed reducer, gear speed reducer etc. We have gained a wealth of knowledge and experienced over the years and always applied the information gained to create innovative, high-quality products for our loyal client base.

Markets We Can Service:

Our products have found a plethora of applications, such as: in automatic control equipment, rubber and plastics machines, tobacco machinery, robotics, medical treatment equipment, environmental protection equipment, space parking systems, stereoscopic warehouse automation, packaging machinery and several other fields.

Our Strengths:

We have established our own R&D team and independently developed core technology and intellectual property, so that we can independently design and develop various types of speed reducers and electric motors. In doing so, we are able to provide our customers with type-selecting scheme and designing and development of speed reducers and electric motors for various special industry needs according to customers' specific operational conditions.

Quality Assurance:

Each and every product manufactured by ZHOUYI Mechanical & Electrical Co., has been thoroughly tested and routed through extreme quality control inspection and found to be fully qualified, so clients always receive great value when investing in our excellent products!. The performance and index of the products is strictly compliant with national and industrial standards. Additionally, we have established a complete scientific and very strict quality assurance. Our products meet the standard of ISO9001:2015, and we are certified by CCC, CE. Our products are produced according to the international IEC standard. We are very proud of the quality of the products we produce and they all are amongst the leaders in the industry. To ensure the precision and quality of the products, our company is equipped with several machining centers and high-end testing equipment sets.

Our Customers:

Our products have been exported to Russia, Italy, Canada and many other European and American countries for many years and have gained very favorable reviews. In fact, we have been able to establish a wide customer base and fixed marketing channels at home and in Southeast Asia.

Delivery Advantages:

ZHOUYI has a monthly output of electric motors of up to 20000, worm gear speed reducers up to 15000 and spiral bevel gearbox speed reducers up to 5000. The delivery cycle of international trade orders is generally 25-35 days.

Taizhou ZHOUYI Mechanical&Electrical Co., Ltd.

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