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Speed Reducer

    1. Mechanical Variable Speed Reducer The mechanical variable speed reducer (frictional planetary variable speed reducer) mainly consists of tightly pressed active device, friction drive units and control unit of speed adjustment. Spin the hand wheel to drive the cam governor in order to change the angular position
    1. Gear Speed Reducer The gear speed reducer is a kind of practical product which consists of standard components (module). The interface of the output end can be matched and compatible with the output flange of the NMRV speed reducer, so that it can simply realize front load combination with NMRV speed reducer.

ZHOUYI is a professional speed reducer manufacturer and gearbox supplier since 1990, offer variable speed drive to match electric motors of different power. With manufacturing process in accordance to IEC standard, our company is committed to providing quality motor speed reducers with a variety of model selections and configurations, to meet specific needs for your industrial machine and equipment.

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