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Speed Reducer Troubleshooting Guide
Failure Possible cause Troubleshooting
Abnormal and uniform running noise. ① Rolling noise: cracked bearing.
② Impact noise: non-uniform gear engagement.
① Check the lubricating oil and change the bearing.
② Consult the customer service department of ZHOUYI.
Abnormal and non-uniform running noise. There is impurities in the engine oil. ① Check the lubrication.
② Stop the running of transmission device and consult the customer service department.
Engine oil leakage
① On the cover of the speed reducer.
②On the flange of electric motor.
③ On the seal ring of the electric motor shaft.
④ On the flange of speed reducer.
⑤ On the seal ring of the output shaft end.
① Leakage of the rubber seal of the speed reducer base.
② The seal ring breaks down.
③ No venting of the speed reducer.
① Tighten the screws of all the covers and observe the speed reducer. If the engine oil continues to leak out, please consult the customer service department. ② Speed reducer venting.
Engine oil leaks out beside the drain tap. ① Too much engine oil.
② Installation mistake of the transmission device.
③ Frequent cold start (foaming engine oil) or relatively high oil level.
① Correct oil quantity.
② Install the drain tap correctly and correct oil level.
The transmission shaft doesn't rotate though the electric motor is working or the transmission shaft is already driven. The connection of shaft and hub in the speed reducer is broken. Send the speed reducer or gear motor to us for repairing.