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UD Variable Speed Drive Maintenance Guide

1) The shaft ends are all cylindrical which is decided according to the GB1569-1990 Cylindrical Shaft Ends; the key joint is decided according to the GB1095-2003 General Flat Key.

2) The axis of shaft coupling and electric motor connection should keep concentric. The installation error should not be larger than the permissible error of the shaft coupling used.

3) When the output shaft is equipped with shaft coupling or belt wheel, it should adopt shaft end screw for fixing or be equipped with heating unit. It is forbidden to beat!

4) The mechanical variable speed reducer is not suitable for overload or stator winding.

5) The speed adjustment should be carried out during the operation of the speed drive. It is forbidden to adjust the hand wheel when the speed drive is stopped.

6) The speed adjusting stop screws at two ends of the bottom of the operation box of the speed drive have been well adjusted. Do not touch it!

7) This speed drive is not suitable for the environment of which the temperature is higher than 40℃. The temperature rise should not be higher than 45℃. About the temperature rise of this machine, please read the following information:

When the variable speed drive adopts four-pole electric motor, the temperature of this unit is 40-50℃ higher than the normal working temperature at the start of running-in (run empty); the temperature rise will be gradually decreased after 60-80 hours of running-in; then the temperature will be 20℃ higher than the environment temperature and there will be stable temperature rise. The temperature rise during the running-in will change the working condition of the normal temperature, but it will cause no harm to service life of the parts.

8) The variable speed drive adopts lubricating oil of which the oil number is Ub-3x. You should check the oil level before starting up the speed drive.

9) The product is lubricated before delivery. During its first use, the lubricating oil should be changed after 1000 hours. After that, the lubricating oil should be changed each 5000-hour.

10) The lubricating oil level of the variable speed drive should be kept higher than two-third of the oil leveler. The user should check the oil level frequently. It is forbidden to use this machine with poor lubrication. The vent nut on the operation box has been tightened before delivery to prevent oil leakage. It should be loosened before running. It is forbidden to use this speed drive when the nut is not loosened.