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BKM, NMRV Speed Reducer Maintenance Guide

You should pay attention to the following things when installing the speed reducer:

1) Check if the rotation direction of the speed reducer output shaft is correct before the assembly of speed reducer and related mechanical equipment.

2) Check dimension deviation of all the shaft diameter, bore diameter, key and key groove before the assembly of the speed reducer, prime motor and equipment, thus avoiding the influence of performance of speed reducer caused by assembly which is too tight or too loose.

3) The speed reducer should be firmly fixed on the mechanical equipment to avoid looseness and vibration.

4) Avoid the exposure of the speed reducer to the burning sun and other hostile environment as possible as you can.

5) The oil seal doesn't work properly without proper elasticity. If the storage time of the speed reducer is up to 4-6 months, you should check whether the oil seal is immersed in the lubricating oil. The oil seal lip might be stuck to the shaft or even lose elasticity. Replacement of oil seal is recommended.

6) All the rubber parts and air holes should not be stained with oil paint.

7) When carrying out connection of the hollow shaft or solid shaft of the speed reducer, you should lubricate the matching part of the shaft to avoid sticking and oxidation.

8) Check the oil level before using the speed reducer.

9) Increase the load gradually instead of full load start up when using new speed reducer.

10) The speed reducer should be equipped with supporting device if the electric motor has relatively large weight when the speed reducer is directly connected with the electric motor.

11) Ensure that there is good ventilation environment near the motor fan in order not to affect heat dissipation effect.

12) The standard working temperature of the speed reducer is from -5℃ to 40℃. Please consult our technical service engineer if the actual value is out of range.