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Electric Motor

Product description
The ultra-high efficiency IE2 (Chinese energy efficiency grade 2), IE3 (Chinese energy efficiency grade 3) 3 phase asynchronous motor is an energy-saving product which is independently designed and produced by ZHOUYI according to the standard of energy efficiency index IE60034-30 and GB18613-2012 of China.

IE is standard high efficiency which is EFF1 in the old version of European classification scheme. It is also the same as EPAct (60Hz) of America; IE3 means ultra-high efficiency which is the same as NEMA Premium (60Hz) of America.

The high efficiency IE2, ultra-high efficiency IE3 3 phase 50Hz, 60Hz, 2 pole, 4 pole, 6 pole asynchronous motor of which the rated output power is from 0.75Kw-22Kw and the working system is S1 can directly start up. It is suitable for various transmission machinery industries.

Main products
1. YS, YE2, YE3 series AC induction motor, asynchronous motor;
2. YEJ series electromagnetic brake 3 phase motor, asynchronous motor;
3. YVF2 series variable speed AC motor;
4. Permanent magnet AC servo motor.

Structure features
The electric motor has the following features:
1. There are 12 optional specifications of engine bases of which the power level can be from 0.06KW-22KW.
2. The 0.06KW-7.5KW motor body and junction box adopts integral die-casting aluminum alloy structure. The shell has good sealing performance which can meet the standard of IP56 enclosure protection class. Each side of the junction box is equipped with two cable entries.
3. The engine base is equipped with detachable base. The motor can be rotated 90 degrees and mounted. The whole machine has compact structure and square appearance while the traditional shell on the market is round. The set bolt of the front and back end cap adopts stealth design.
4. It is equipped with low noise bearing so that the running of the motor is more stable and the noise is lower.

Main material
1. The shell of 0.06Kw-7.5Kw electric motor is made of die-casting aluminum alloy; and the shell of 11Kw-22Kw electric motor is made of high intensity cast iron.
2. The shaft is made of 40Cr steel which is quenching and tempering treated.
3. The electromagnetic wire adopts QZ-2/155 and QZY-2/180.
4. The iron core of the stator and rotor adopts DW470 and DW600.
5. The treatment of the surface of the electric motor adopts powder coating.
6. The exposed bolt is made of stainless steel.

All the electric motor produced by ZHOUYI adopts F grade insulation system and B class temperature rise. The max working temperature is 40℃ while the minimum working temperature is -15℃. You should consult us if the working temperature is out of this range. The limit of temperature rise is 80K measured by resistivity method.

1. There is a common standard for all the universal motors.
2. The standard of structure and installation type is GB/T997-2008, and the corresponding standard is IEC60072-1.
3. The output power and installation dimensional tolerance standard is GB/T4772.1-1999, and the corresponding standard is IEC60072-1.
4. The standard for electrical specification is GB/T755-1987, and the corresponding standard is IEC60034-1.
5. The IP class standard is GB/T4942.1-2008, and the corresponding standard is IEC60034-5.
6. The noise standard is GB/T10069.1-2006, and the corresponding standard is IEC60034-9.
7. The standard of vibration is GB/T10068-2008, and the corresponding standard is IEC60034-14.

Note: for the efficiency value standard and working principle, please download the attachments.

ZHOUYI is a reliable electric motor manufacturer and supplier, specializes in design and manufacture industrial electric motors, speed reducers and gearboxes since 1990. With manufacturing process in accordance to IEC standard, our company is committed to providing quality electric motors with a variety of model selections and configurations, to meet specific needs for your equipment and machines.

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