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Gear Speed Reducer

Product description

The gear speed reducer is a kind of practical product which consists of standard components (module). The interface of the output end can be matched and compatible with the output flange of the NMRV speed reducer, so that it can simply realize front load combination with NMRV speed reducer. The gear speed reducer can not be used solely. It can only be matched with the speed reducer. It is suitable for motor of which the installation method is B5.

This product includes four specifications: PC063, PC071, PC080, PC090. The aluminum alloy shell can be painted according to the customers' requirements.


The gear speed reducer can be widely used for food packaging machinery, chemical equipment, wood working machine, crane, construction machinery, compressor, transport conveyor, dredger, engine and transverter, washing machine, metal rolling machine, draught fan etc.

Product parameters

Type Transmission ratios[i]
PC063 2.93
PC071 2.94
PC080 3
PC090 2.45

Main material

1. Shell: aluminum alloy which is treated by shot blasting first and then anti-corrosion treated to keep it metallic silver white. Meanwhile, it is gasoline, xylene and some other organic solvent resistant. Or it is coated with RAL5010 blue coating after bonderizing.
2. Gear: 20CrMnTi, carbonitriding; the hardness of the gear surface is 58-62HRC; the thickness of the carburized layer is maintained as 0.3-0.6mm after refined grinding.

Product features

The gear speed reducer has the following features:
1. Box: it is made of superior aluminum alloy which is rust free. It is processed and formed in one step by adopting vertical machining center to ensure high precision, shape and position tolerance.
2. The gear adopts superior alloy of which the surface is hardened. It also adopts high precision gear grinding machine for machining. It has stable transmission and low noise. The transmission efficiency can be up to 98%. It is suitable for long-term working in hostile environment.
3. This speed reducer adopts modular design so that the installation is quite simple. It can be combined with NMRV speed reducer in various forms to satisfy different transmission conditions.

ZHOUYI is a professional gear speed reducer manufacturer and gearbox supplier since 1990, offer adjustable speed drive to match electric motors of different power. With manufacturing process in accordance to IEC standard, our company is committed to providing quality gear speed reducers with a variety of model selections and configurations, to meet specific needs for your industrial machine and equipment.

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